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Effective time management

Collection : GESTION 2000
ISBN : 978-2-930552-00-2
Nombre de pages : 218
Date de publication : 30 sept. 2008
Format : 17x24
Support : Papier
Effective time management
for a happier and more successful life
Fathi Tlatli
Time: we only appreciate its true value when we don’t have enough of it.
What is time? Is it a notion that is perceived by everyone in the same way?
Once he has looked into the defi nition of time in all its facets, the author puts forward his practical guide to managing your time. He off ers advice that can be adapted to each individual’s own situation and skills, using everyday issues that we can all relate to as his starting point.
He suggests a personalised time management system, and strongly recommends that we get to know ourselves in order to defi ne our own positive goals. Planning and good organisation are crucial if we want to succeed. We can all equip ourselves with the tools we need to learn how to master our time in order to improve our effi ciency, enrich our lives and make the most of our free time.
Following on from a successful introduction to this topic, with this new book the author discusses some major developments, such as new technology, like the Internet and the growing problem of stress management in a world where change just keep on coming.
This book is for anyone who would like to achieve a better work/life balance. The approach is personalised, practical, logical and sensible, so this book is full of valuable tips for busy people who are constantly striving to get on without losing site of their resolutions.
Fathi Tlatli is currently responsible for international business development in a key segment for a major multinational company.
Professor and lecturer in global marketing, intercultural management and strategy for various European institutions, he has published a range of articles and books on this subject. He regularly leads seminars on time management all over the world.
Editor : GESTION 2000