Conditions générales d’utilisation du site internet

Mise à jour le 01.11.2020

Les présentes conditions d’utilisation s’appliquent au site de l’éditeur Anthemis (Place Albert I, 9, 1300 Limal, BE 0873 098 285, Tél. : 32 (0), Fax. : 32 (0),[email protected]lien«lienUpdated on 01.11.2020

These conditions of use apply to the website of the publisher Anthemis (Place Albert I, 9, 1300 Limal, BE 0873 098 285, Tel.: 32 (0), Fax: 32 (0), [email protected]).
The general sales conditions are available by following this link.
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1.1.    The purpose of these GCU is to define the terms of provision of the Anthemis website and the conditions of use of the website by the User.
1.2.    Any access and/or use of the website supposes the acceptance and respect of all the terms of these GCU and their automatic unconditional acceptance. They therefore constitute a contract between Anthemis and the User. In case the User does not wish to accept all or part of these GCU, he is asked to renounce all use of the website.
1.3.    Anthemis reserves the right to refuse access to the website, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any User who does not comply with these GCU, in accordance with the provisions of point 3 of these GCU.

2.1.    The Anthemis website is accessible free of charge to any User with internet access. All costs relating to access to the website, whether they are the costs of hardware, software or internet access, are exclusively the responsibility of the User. He is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his computer equipment as well as his internet access. Certain sections of the website are reserved for customers, after prior registration.
2.2.    Anthemis uses all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to its website, but is under no obligation to do so. Moreover, Anthemis cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or of the servers or any other event beyond its reasonable control or case of force majeure and which would prevent or degrade access to the website. Anthemis reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify, without notice or prior information, access to all or part of the website, in order to ensure its maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption giving rise to any obligation or compensation.
2.3.    Anthemis reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel access to this website or to any of the functions or parts of this website without notice or prior information to any User and/or customer. Anthemis reserves the right to prohibit any act that it may deem inappropriate and/or that it considers to be contrary to the law or which is prohibited by the laws applicable to this website, including, among others:
-    any act that would constitute a violation of data protection (including the transmission by downloading of private information without the consent of Anthemis or the individual concerned) or any other violation of the personal rights of individuals;
-    the use of the website to defame or any action aimed at discrediting Anthemis or any third party involved, as well as any defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise contrary to the law, in particular the criminal law;
-    the transmission by downloading files which contain viruses which could cause damage to the property of Anthemis or to the property of third parties; and
-    the publication or transmission on the website of unauthorized information, including, among others, information which in Anthemis’ opinion is likely to disturb, be harmful or infringe the systems and the network security of Anthemis or third parties.

3.1.    Anthemis and/or any other party involved in the creation, production or distribution of this website, on behalf of Anthemis, can under no circumstances be held liable for direct and/or indirect damage, other costs, losses and claims of any kind resulting from access to this website, its use or inability to use it, or changes to the content of this website, or to another website which you access through a link from this website or to the extent permitted by the current legislation, resulting from any act performed or omitted by Anthemis, following the receipt of electronic messages from readers and/or customers. Anthemis and/or any other party involved in the creation, production or distribution of this website are not required to maintain the documents and services made available on this website as they are, nor to make corrections, updates or new features.
3.2.    All information on this website is subject to change without notice. In addition, Anthemis can in no way be held responsible for losses resulting from infection by a virus of the computer and/or any other equipment belonging to the reader of this website and/or to the client of Anthemis, following the use of this website or download of a document from this website.
3.3.    Any User and/or any client who chooses to download a document from this website does so at his own risk. To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the User and/or the client expressly agrees to drop any charges against Anthemis, members of its Board of directors, employees, suppliers and other programmers, which may arise from the use of this website.

4.1.    Links on the Anthemis website may direct you outside of the Anthemis network and systems. The publisher accepts no responsibility for the content, accuracy or operation of these third party websites. These links are offered in good faith by Anthemis to its Users and customers, but Anthemis can in no way be held responsible for subsequent changes made to third party websites to which it offers a link. The inclusion of a link to other websites does not imply the endorsement of Anthemis, nor its responsibility. Anthemis recommends that you familiarize yourself with and carefully read the legal notices and the data protection notices of all other websites you visit.

5.1.    The website as well as all the elements composing it, such as in particular logos, images, photos, plans, drawings, brands, domain names, titles and any other content, made available by Anthemis, are the exclusive property of Anthemis or have been subject to prior authorization for use by third parties.
5.2.    No reproduction of any part of this website may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, nor may it be modified or incorporated into any other work, publication or other website. The commercial or non-commercial brands, logos, designs, drawings, plans and other trademarks or service marks (collectively hereinafter referred to as ‘Trademarks’) displayed on this website belong to Anthemis. Nothing appearing on the Anthemis website should be interpreted as authorizing or granting the right to use any Trademark mentioned on the website.
5.3.    Any use, by the User and/or the customer, of the Trademarks present on the Anthemis website, or of any other content on this website, except in the cases mentioned in these GCU, is strictly prohibited. Anthemis will enforce its intellectual property rights and take legal action against any offender in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of its general conditions.


6.1.    We comply with all current data protection legislation in Belgium, including Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and to the free movement of this data (hereinafter: the GDPR).
6.2.    The client declares that he has read the Anthemis privacy policy, a copy of which is available by following this link: He gives his unreserved agreement to it.
6.3.    He declares that he has been informed that Anthemis acts as the data controller of the processing of personal data that he communicates to him and that he can find all the information relating to the processing of his data in the Anthemis privacy policy, including the modalities of realization his rights as data subject.
6.4.    For any complaint relating to the processing of his personal data, the customer can contact Anthemis via the address: [email protected].

7.1.    Anthemis reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of the general conditions of use, the applicable conditions being those in force on the website on the date of confirmation of the order by Anthemis.
7.2.    The courts of the judicial district of Walloon Brabant have exclusive jurisdiction in case of a dispute. Any contract with Anthemis is governed by the Belgian law. Il marque son accord sans réserve sur celle-ci.
6.3.    Il déclare avoir été informé qu’Anthemis agit en qualité de responsable du traitement des données à caractère personnel qu’il lui communique et savoir qu’il peut trouver toutes les informations relatives aux traitements de ses données en sur la charte vie privée d’Anthemis, en ce compris les modalités de réalisation de ses droits en qualité de personne concernée
6.4.    Pour toute réclamation relative au traitement de ses données à caractère personnel, le client peut s’adresser à Anthemis via l’adresse :[email protected] 

7.    DIVERS
7.1.    Anthemis se réserve le droit de modifier unilatéralement les termes des conditions générales d’utilisation, les conditions applicables étant celles en vigueur sur le site internet à la date de la confirmation de la commande par Anthemis.
7.2.    Les juridictions de l’arrondissement judiciaire du Brabant wallon sont exclusivement compétentes en cas de litige. Tout contrat avec Anthemis est régi par le droit belge.