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From day one Crypto Assets have been considered a major challenge for the existing financial sector. Their very abstract and difficult to understand technology have led to many misunderstandings and
misconceptions. It is fair to say Crypto Assets have shaken and stirred the existing financial system.

A few years down the road, it has become evident that Crypto Assets are here to stay, and mindsets are shifting towards integration and the need for regulation to ensure the stability of the overall financial system.

Through this afternoon of study, we look at the essential aspects of crypto Assets under the prism of compliance, the fight against money laundering but also the creation of a regulated status.

The conference will be closed by a cocktail for the launch of the European Journal of Compliance & Integrity.

Join us and key personalities and references from public and private institutions on the matter. You will hear from regulators, experts, and financial institutions on the need to shift mindsets and how they have tackled the challenge of Crypto Assets to ensure compliance.

13h00 Registration Participants

13h30 Introduction by the chair - Marc Toledo, Chair of BAX BELGIUM - Blockchain Association of Exchanges and Custodian

13h40 Keynote speaker - Jean-Paul Servais, Chairman, FSMA and Suzanne Weber, Deputy Head of Department, Innovation, Payments, Market Infrastructures and Governance (CSSF) 

14h00 New regulated status for Cryptocurrencies 

  • FATF context

  • US Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies and Other Digital Assets

  • EU initiatives – MiCa – Travel Rule

  • National current regulations: Belgium I France I Luxembourg

  • What about CBDC’s?

14h50 Crypto-Assets as Financial Instruments - Matthieu Duplat, Partner, JONES DAY, UCL Professor Fimnnancial Law  and Philippe Lambrecht, Special Advisor to the CEO, FEB , UCL Professor

  • Current EU status (incl. Mifid)

  • Current view of Belgium and Luxemburg

  • Consequence for the fund industry

  • EU initiatives (MiCa)

15h30 Coffee break

16h00 Financial Crime and Crypto Assets, a natural duo? - Philippe de Koster, Director, CTIF-CFI Belgium,  Max Braun, Director, CRF Luxembourg and Danny Tacchini, Head Analyst CyberTeam, CRF Luxembourg

  • Presence of Cypto assets within the Criminal Financial industry

  • FATF and EU initiatives

  • What are the views of the different judicial authorities

17h00 Discussion panel - Prevention of risks: Compliance related to Crypto-Assets

  • Operational and financial integrity risks from Crypto Asset exchanges and wallets

  • Monitoring of transactions – how to ensure traceability of Crypto-Asset transfers?

  • The importance of KYC, CDD

  • How do Crypto Assets fit within your Risk Based Approach?

  • Defining Risk Appetite, Risk assessment when it comes to Crypto-Assets

  • EU mandate on transparency of Crypto-Asset transfers


Arnaud Lecocq, Managing Partner, Compliance4Business

Stéphane Leloup, Head of Compliance Europe, Banxa 

Michael Fernandez-Bertier, Director, Compliance4Business

Alexander Metz, Account Executive, Chainalysis Inc. 

Biba Homsy, responsable groupe de travail Crypto et Blockchain de l’ALCO

18h30 Conclusion - Marc Toledo, Chair of BAX BELGIUM - Blockchain Association of Exchanges and Custodian 

18h45 Closing cocktail for the launch of The European Journal of Compliance & Integrity

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Editor-in-Chief : Arnaud Lecocq
Co-editor-in-chief : Alexandre Bartholomeeusen

This new journal focuses on the topics that compliance actors are confronted with in the exercise of their profession.  The journal is intended to be a reference tool, with a high scientific added value, but this does not prevent the creation of a practice-oriented section.

The journal is intended for the Belgian and Luxembourg market. The Journal covers a wide range of topics such as: 
o the fight against corruption 
o the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing 
o protection of personal data, 
o international sanctions and embargoes, 
o whistleblowing, 
o corporate social responsibility, 
o compliance with competition law, 
o customer relations,
o the job of compliance officer (ethics, independence), etc.

These subjects have become essential for companies and their advisers and now represent a major economic challenge for private and public players.

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Date et heure
mardi 17 mai 2022
14:00 18:30 (Europe/Brussels)

Hotel Thon Bristol Stéphanie

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