Next Generation Outsourcing: compliance and new third-party risks


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How to ensure compliance in an age of operational resilience, 
artificial intelligence, and open finance?

The European Journal of Compliance and Integrity cordially invites you to its annual conference on May 28th, 2024, in the afternoon.

This conference, themed Next Generation Outsourcing: Compliance and New Third-Party Risks, is crafted to arm you with the necessary insights to navigate the evolving landscape of compliance challenges and risks associated with third-party risk management in today's expanding digital realm.

Following an introductory overview of third-party management in banking, financial, and insurance regulations, distinguished speakers will delve into various aspects of new regulations, addressing pivotal questions such as:

  • How are third-party risks managed in alignment with DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and the new technical standards?
  • How do recent regulations bolster third-party data risk management, transitioning from data protection to data governance? (Including NIS2, Data Act, Data Governance Act, FIDA)
  • What implications does Open Finance have on your outsourcing strategy?
  • What challenges does artificial intelligence pose, and what role do FinTech companies play in outsourcing?
  • What are the future perspectives on compliance in outsourcing?

Join us, either on-site or online, to engage in lively discussions with experts and your colleagues at this insightful conference.


13.40 ​Participants welcome
      • Grégory Renier, scientific collaborator, UCLouvain

13.50 ​ ​Introduction by the Chairman

      • Arnaud Lecocq, editor-in-chief EJC&I

14.00 ​Third-party management in banking, financial and insurance regulations: 

​an overview of a constantly evolving legal framework

      • Bastiaan Bruyndonckx, partner at our Commercial & Litigation department

--> Newest regulatory trends and the Digital Finance Package

--> Navigating the Labyrinth: understanding the interplay and interpretation of regulatory instruments

--> ​​Critical and non-critical outsourcing in the insurance sector

--> ​​Shifting to the cloud as an insurer: considerations and practical guidance

14.30 ​​Third-party risks management at the heart of DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and the new ​technical standards

      • James Walsh, outsourcing and DORA specialist, Euroclear 

--> ​​Contextualisation: how DORA intends to strengthen operational resilience 

--> ​​How does DORA influence risk management in your relationships with third parties? 

--> ​​How can "critical" service providers be supervised more closely? 

--> ​The keys to ensuring compliance with new safety requirements: new technical standards

15.15 Pause 

15.45 ​ ​From data protection to data governance, how do new regulations strengthen third-party data risks ​management?

      • Peter Craddock, partner, Keller and Heckman LLP

--> ​Latest news on data protection in the context of outsourcing, after six years of enforcement of the ​GDPR

--> ​NIS2, Data Act, Data Governance Act, FIDA: beyond personal data, how the GDPR has inspired ​these new outsourcing regulations

--> The impact of Open Finance on your outsourcing strategy  

16:30 ​​ ​Round table discussion on the challenges of artificial intelligence and the role of FinTech’s in outsourcing, ​with the interventions:

      • Jean-François Heering, FinTech Belgium
      • Sandra Birtel, avocate & partner, KAUFHOLD & REVEILLAUD Avocats

--> Artificial intelligence and third parties: Friends or enemies? 

--> From data optimisation to data collaboration, how can fintech help manage third-party risks? 

--> Perspectives on the future of compliance in outsourcing 

17.15 ​Interaction with participants

17.30 ​Closing Drink 

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